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zan's ramblings


17 September
1°17'15.528"N & 103°51'10.8E
Humble chemist, wife and mother. Men in labcoats preferred!
New ff can be found on AO3 I dunno, *shrugs* we'll see ... does a short one shot count! as of May 2016?
Saiyuki fanfics:can be found at Echoes from the West (since 23rd Feb'05)
Saiyuki, Samurai 7 and Getbackers ff here : at ff dot net (since 2nd Mar'05)
springkink ff for various fandoms can be found : here

And Arashi fanfiction can be found here n there:
Maou, Ryo/Tomoo, G: In Finding You I Find Myself
OhMiya, G:Mizuhiki: Abstract Currents for OhMiya Comp.
OhMiya, G:Drabbles for OhMiya Comp.
OhMiya, G:Word Generator Challenge at Kotobayori
OhMiya, Rated PG, 3XOneshots
Ohno-centric, OhMiya, Rated G : Drabbles & Double Drabbles
ArashiAi, OhMiya, Sakuraiba, Rated G : Comment-box FlashFic
Maou, SaToma+OhMiya, Rated PG : Of Threats and Challenges
Maou, Yamano-centric, Rated PG for mentions of blood : Chained
Maou, Naruse Ryou/Serizawa Naoto, Rated G : Twilight In Between
Maou, Naruse Ryou centric, Rated G :Spoiler Warning for End of Series, read at your own risk.
Maou, Naruse Ryou centric, Rated G :>Comes the Devil to Hell take Me, Come the Devil to Hell with Me
OhMiyArashiai, Rated G : Rebuilding on Belief
MatsumOhMiya, Rated R more for implications than anything else really : The Right Way
OhMiyaIba, Rated PG : Not Enough is Sometimes OK
OhMiya, Rated PG-13 : one-shot, two sentences and perhaps nearly three
OhMiya, AU, Rated G : By the Light of the Moon
AibaRashi, Rated G : Lightsabers, Rain and Rainbows
AibaRashi, Rated G : Faerie Gifts a Birthday Gift for Locky
MatsumOhMiya, Rated 17 : My Leader, My Captain
OhMiya, Companion fic to 13miku's Recollections, Rated G : Monochrome
OhMiya, Rated PG-13, for man cuddles ^__^ : Out at Sea
OhMiya, Rated G : Autumn Rain and Shades of Home
OhMiya, Rated G : Special Training
OhMiya, Rated G : An Air Upon the Wind
OhMiya, Rated G : Endgame
OhMiya, Poetry, Rated G : Words for a Song
OhMiya, Short vignettes, Rated PG-13 :I,II and III
OhMiya, Collaboration with lockability, Rated G, : Like
Arashi, Poetry, Rated G : This is Why we Love Them

102355 @_@

Ohno Satoshi is love...

ohno wallie ohno wallie
ohno wallpaper kindly made by panthera_mort

Thank you so so much panthera_mort this really brightened up my Easter weekend! Who needs chocolate eggs when we can have this! Mmmmm

Also with many thanks to Ghee Wei!!!! For the following Ohno-goodness
Aoyama Theatre: April 2008 - Butai: "AmatsuKaze"

DVD release: March 2008 - Butai : "Tensei Kunpu",

Aoyama Theatre: April 2008 - Butai: "AmatsuKaze" : Cast poster outside theatre

TV Life: April 2008

And then he fed my personal fangirl fantasies by putting on a labcoat!!!! *dies from fangirl quee* [I wonder if Tenpou would lend him some glasses!] MatsuJun also gets in on the act! -Yay! for hawt men in labcoats!

DGM LaviYuu ff can be found here!

I humbly welcome you and say, enjoy!